Patient Health Education

For patients at Bluestem Health in Lincoln, Nebraska who live with chronic disease or complex medical conditions, they have access to several specialized education and counseling services at no charge. The Patient Health Education team at Bluestem Health includes a Certified Diabetes Educator and Nutritionist, Chronic Disease Nurses, and a Certified Paramedic that functions as our Community Health Worker. There is no charge for any of their services.

Our Certified Diabetes Educator and Chronic Disease Nurses at Bluestem Health in Lincoln work with patients who have chronic diseases to offer them additional support with their disease management. We meet with each patient individually, educate them on their treatments, talk about alternative therapies, and spend extra time with them when their primary care provider isn’t available. Our patients are assured that we are here to provide them with ongoing diabetes education about their chronic disease and to support them in making healthy lifestyle choices.

Our Community Health Worker at Bluestem Health is a certified Paramedic and functions as the liaison between the provider, behavioral health consultants, Certified Diabetes Educator, Chronic Disease Nurses, and discharge planners and nurses in the hospital setting. If requested by the provider, the Community Health Worker travels to a patient’s home to assess various aspects of care being done there. This might include observing a patient while taking their blood sugars and/or medications to make sure they are doing it properly, and analyzing the living situation for patients and reporting back to the patient’s provider and care team on barriers in the home that were identified. In addition, the Community Health Worker at Bluestem Health in Lincoln, NE may also provide assistance in finding wheelchairs, housing, or relatives.


Community Outreach

Bluestem Health’s Community Outreach Programs are connecting patients with community and clinic resources throughout the Lancaster County, Nebraska area. We work closely with our community partners by taking healthcare education, like healthy cooking classes, and health screenings from the clinic setting to the various neighborhood community centers that provide support to Lincoln’s diverse population.

Our community outreach programs focus on engaging people by offering them health education on various topics and diseases, and by showing them how to manage their health and nutrition given as they transition to their new life in Lincoln, NE. We build a bridge between Bluestem Health and the centers so that current patients, and those well into the future, can feel connected to the healthcare services that are available to them in the area.

We may perform home visits, monitor homebound patients who are living with chronic illnesses, and do case management between the centers, clients, and Bluestem Health.