Health Education Department

Bluestem Health has a Certified Diabetes Educator, Chronic Disease Nurses, and a Certified Paramedic that functions as our Community Health Worker. There is no charge for any of their services.  

Our Certified Diabetes Educator and Chronic Disease Nurses work with patients who have chronic diseases, like diabetes, to offer them the extra support with their disease management. We are able to meet with them, educate them on their treatments, talk about alternative therapies, and spend more time with them than their primary care provider can. This helps assure patients that we are here to make sure they understand their disease and that we are committed to helping them make healthy lifestyle choices.  

Our Community Health Worker is a certified Paramedic and functions as the liaison between the provider, behavioral health consultants, Certified Diabetes Educator, and Chronic Disease Nurses. She has the ability to travel to the patient’s home to watch them take their blood sugars and/or medications to make sure they are doing it properly. She can also do an analysis of the living situation for patients and report back to the patient’s provider and care team on barriers that she has identified. She’s usually the first point of contact for hospital discharge planners and nursing staff at the hospitals when they have one of our patients and need assistance in finding wheelchairs, housing, or relatives. She takes a lot of pride in being the “everything to everyone”.