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Bluestem Health, formerly known as The People’s Health Center, has been committed to improving the health of the people of Lincoln, Nebraska and of Lancaster County since 2003. Bluestem Health has a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) designation status and serves over 21,000 patients annually. We are dedicated to providing high-quality medical, dental, and behavioral health services, easy access to care, and affordable services, all through one health organization.

“To be a trusted resource for excellent medical, dental, and behavioral health services.”

Our Mission

We at Bluestem Health are led by a bold vision for a more vibrant, healthy community for everyone. We are determined to provide exceptional care to each patient at all times and in a compassionate manner. As a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), Bluestem Health’s qualified doctors and other providers consistently ensure that all of our patients receive the highest standards of care, and we provide these quality services to anyone in our community. We promote healthy living and social well-being in the Lincoln area, working with community partners to ensure that no one goes without the necessary care they need.

“A vibrant, healthy community.”

Our Vision

Our Name

Our name reflects who we are and what we do. “Bluestem” is Nebraska’s state grass — an adaptable grass that promotes life and healing for wildlife habitats. Providing a home and a healing place is the image Bluestem Health invokes as we serve our community with an inclusive approach to healthcare and a deep commitment to the health of every member of our community, regardless of insurance status. At Bluestem Health, 72% of our patients have some type of insurance and we also offer a sliding fee discount to serve the underinsured and uninsured.

Our Locations

Bluestem Health operates five integrated family medicine clinics located across Lincoln, NE. Comprehensive services for all ages include family medicine, general dentistry, behavioral health, addiction and substance use, lab testing, and x-ray services.

At Bluestem Health, we believe that every Nebraskan deserves the best care possible. We look forward to serving you!

Our Values


We celebrate diversity in people, in beliefs, and in need.

Equality with Dignity

We believe that all people deserve access to excellent healthcare.


We will meet each patient with respect and without judgment.

Quality Care

We will provide the best possible care to each patient at all times.

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Making A Difference In Our Community

Leadership Team

Brad Meyer

Brad Meyer, FACMPE

Chief Executive Officer
Shane Ludwig

Shane Ludwig

Chief Operations Officer

Jacque Fanning, CPA, CGMA

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Israel, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Rebecca Brodecky

Dental Clinic Administrator

Board of Directors

Andrew Schill, Chairperson
Tyler Justice Strong, Vice Chair
Beth Whitaker, Treasurer
Lucy Flores, Secretary
Dr. Bob Bleicher
Dr. Derek Blumenstock

Romeo Guerra
Michelle Roberts
Andrew Schill
Niki Stehlik
Lecia Ann Vitosh


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