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Nutrition Education

Nutrition Counseling for a Better and Healthier Life

At Bluestem Health in Lincoln, Nebraska, we offer nutrition education services free of charge to our patients. Our patient education team includes a Certified Diabetes Educator and Nutritionist, Chronic Disease Nurses, and a Certified Paramedic that functions as our Community Health Worker. With the help of our team and their services, Bluestem Health is executing our mission and vision to be trusted providers of excellent care to a healthy community.

What is Nutrition Counseling?

Nutrition counseling is often utilized by patients who have chronic diseases that require special nutrition and blood sugar levels. As a patient, you will expect to be in regular meetings with a certified nutrition counselor or nurse. During these meetings, you will discuss healthy lifestyle habits, develop a plan of action for your weight or disease-related goals, create preventive measures for disease risk, and discuss progress over time.

Our team at Bluestem Health is trained and prepared to assist any patient that needs nutrition counseling. They are experts on providing the knowledge and steps needed to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, no matter your health condition.

Our Health and Nutrition Counselors

At Bluestem Health, our team of chronic disease management, nutrition, and diabetes educators are dedicated to providing quality care to the Lincoln community. Our team includes some of the top specialists and dietitians in Nebraska.

  • Joni Pagenkemper, MS, RD/LMNT, CDCES, is a Registered Dietitian licensed in Medical Nutrition Therapy and a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist
  • Molly Petrik, RD/LMNT, CDCES, is a Registered Dietitian licensed in Medical Nutrition Therapy and a Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist
  • Jennifer Neighbors, BSN, RN, CDCES, is a Registered Nurse and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist
  • Jane Garbish, NRP, is a Licensed Paramedic and Community Health Coordinator

In Search of Nutrition or Health Counseling?

If you are struggling with nutrition and lifestyle habits, Bluestem Health provides quality patient care in Lincoln, Nebraska. Our team of specialists are located at 2246 O Street in Lincoln. Call to schedule an appointment.

We continue to strive to be the top provider in our community and to serve our patients with the care that they deserve.

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