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We care for all patients with a broad range of services all over Lincoln, Nebraska. Insured and underinsured, English speaking or not, we embrace the diversity of our community and welcome all for a high quality integrated healthcare experience at Bluestem Health.

We care for all patients with a broad range of services all over Lincoln, Nebraska. Insured and underinsured, English speaking or not, we embrace the diversity of our community and welcome all for a high quality integrated healthcare experience at Bluestem Health.

Family Medicine All Over Lincoln, NE

Bluestem Health has six locations throughout the Lincoln, Nebraska community to make it easier for our patients to obtain services close to work and home. Five of our six locations are considered integrated family practice clinics where we care for your overall well-being. Our Administration location is where Diabetes Education and Chronic Disease Management services are provided.

Integrated Family Medicine Services

Services at Bluestem Health include medical, behavioral, pharmacy, and dental healthcare for patients ranging prenatal through the lifespan. We believe family medicine should be easy and convenient, which is why we offer many locations with multiple integrated services.

Providers with Family Medicine Experience

At Bluestem Health we strive to provide comprehensive and quality care for all ages from infants to seniors. Our team of highly qualified and experienced providers does just this. Lincoln, Nebraska is a growing city with a great need for medical care. Our providers understand this and love being there to care for the people of this community. This team of primary care family medicine providers includes:

Horacio Alvarez Ramirez, MD, Family Medicine

Bich Chau, MD, Family Medicine

Michael Israel, MD, Family Medicine

Heather Kleeman, DO, Family Medicine

Charles Kreshel, MD, Family Medicine

Erica Peterson, MD, Pediatrician

Humaira Qasimyar, MD, Pediatrician

Andrew Shahan, MD, Family Medicine

Jeff Baker, APRN-NP, Family Nurse Practitioner

Reba Cooksley, DNP, APRN-NP, Family Nurse Practitioner

Anthony Cox, PA-C, Physician Assistant

Marissa Ebel, APRN-NP, Family Nurse Practitioner

Trishia Frost, APRN-NP, Family Nurse Practitioner

Arianne Gesell, PA-C, Physician Assistant

Sarah Grady, PA-C, Physician Assistant

John Grandgenett, APRN-NP, Family Nurse Practitioner

Julia Lainhart, PA-C, Physician Assistant

Lillie Lueke, DNP, APRN-NP, Family Nurse Practitioner

Caitlin Neukirch, PA-C, Physician Assistant

Michele Overhalser, APRN-NP, Family Nurse Practitioner

Integrated On-Site Pharmacy

Bluestem Health offers on-site pharmacy options at at our Kreshel and Health 360 locations for ALL Bluestem Health patients. Our team of pharmacists have extensive experience and works hard to make you feel comfortable and well cared for at these locations. With our on-site pharmacy, our pharmacists have direct contact with your providers allowing for fast, accurate prescriptions. These pharmacies are full-service and staffed by a pharmacist and certified technician(s).

What Do Our Pharmacies Offer?

This is a common question asked by many of our patients. Our pharmacies don’t just fill prescriptions, we offer multiple services such as:

  • A full-service pharmacy that fills all medications
  • Pharmacy team that integrates with our Bluestem Health staff
  • Pre-filled pill organizer
  • Delivery/mail options
  • Prior authorization assistance
  • Refill synchronization
  • Reminder calls

Family Medicine Interpreted Directly

It has been reported that there are at least 30 different languages spoken in Lincoln, Nebraska with many more dialects of those languages. At Bluestem Health we provide care to a very diverse population, and we understand how important it is to get clear and direct information, especially with healthcare. Because of our patient population, we offer on-site interpreters to assist providers so they can get important information across efficiently.

For languages or services that are not available in-house, we utilize telephone and video conferencing. The in-house languages we do offer are Spanish, Arabic, Kurdish, Karen, Burmese, Vietnamese, and American Sign Language.

Family Medicine That Has Your Back

Our patients are our number one priority here at Bluestem Health. We want everyone who walks through our doors to feel comfortable and welcomed. This is why we take our patient support services very seriously and strive to offer the best possible assistance for any service.

Many of our patients wonder if they can get assistance paying for their healthcare or a discount on the services offered at Bluestem Health. Many people are surprised to find that they can qualify for assistance. The sliding fee discount can be applied to co-pays, deductibles not met, share-of-cost amounts, co-insurance, and services not covered by a patient’s plan.

We also offer assistance to patients who are uninsured. We refer these patients to the Support Services Team to discuss the Medication Access Program (MAP) when they see a patient who can’t afford their medications. MAP can help cover the cost of prescriptions for certain medications.

In Search of Family Medicine in Lincoln?

If you or your family is in need of family medical services, Bluestem Health provides quality patient care in Lincoln, Nebraska. Visit our website at for more information, or call (402) 476-1455 to schedule an appointment. We continue to strive to be the top provider in our community and to serve our patients with the care that they deserve.

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Shane Ludwig

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Shane Ludwig, Bluestem Health’s COO since 2014, has been developing a skilled and dedicated team as his role and Bluestem Health has grown.

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