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Tooth Extraction


Tooth extractions are sometimes a necessary part of dental care.

When might I need a tooth extraction?

When a tooth can’t be saved by a restorative procedure, such as; a root canal, crown, or filling it needs to be extracted. A tooth extraction is typically done on a tooth that has been broken or damaged by decay.

How is a tooth extraction done?

Just before the tooth extraction, we will use a topical anesthetic to make sure you are comfortable and numb. The dentist will use an instrument called a forcep, to grasp the tooth and gently rock it back and forth. The patient should feel no pain during the procedure, but lots of pressure and some loud noises are normal. The actual procedure is typically pretty quick.

If it is a difficult extraction, a referral may be necessary. We will give you all of the information to the oral surgeon at your appointment.

At Bluestem Health a tooth extraction should not be a painful experience. We work hard to ensure our patients are well cared for a comfortable.

Locations featuring Tooth Extraction

Dental Clinic at Main

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Main Clinic

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Locations featuring Tooth Extraction

Dental Clinic at Main

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Main Clinic

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