Our CFO’s Perspective on Leading a Non-Profit Healthcare Organization

Learn how CFO, Jacque Fanning, CPA, CGMA, brings a unique perspective when leading a non-profit healthcare organization.

Jacque Fanning, Chief Financial Officer

As our CFO (Chief Financial Officer), Jacque Fanning, CPA, CGMA, brings a purpose-driven approach to our financial strategy that offers a unique perspective when leading a non-profit healthcare organization. One of the most important and satisfying parts of her job is staying true to our mission of providing medical, dental, and behavioral healthcare services to all. “It’s gratifying to be a part of this non-profit healthcare organization with a mission that is mindful of our purpose and emphasizes meeting the needs of the under-insured and the uninsured,” she says.

Navigating Change

Bluestem Health has grown significantly since Jacque started with us in 2016. She points to the transition from People’s Health Center to Bluestem Health in 2018 as something that ignited a surge of energy and growth. “Since our rebranding in 2018, we’ve used that energy to grow and do as much as we can to expand our services,” she says, adding that “Services like our certified diabetic education, hospital tracking, and referral coordination are free.”

Learning the FQHC Landscape 

Before starting with Bluestem Health, Jacque was not familiar with the Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) model. Embracing the learning curve, she acknowledges that becoming a master in her practice is a journey, not a destination. Collaborating with a diverse team of leaders aids her in the ability to do just that. “It’s so satisfying to work with our team of leaders as we, with our different backgrounds and gifts, complement each other, striving to do the best for our patients, our staff, and our community at large,” she shares. 

The Heart of Our Mission

We are committed to equitable access to healthcare, and part of Jacque’s role is optimizing government grant funding, such as funds directed to FQHCs, and participation in the Federal 340(b) Pharmacy Program. “We are not a free clinic, but we make every effort to provide services to those in need without fees being a barrier to getting medical, dental, and behavioral health services,” she says. We also stand apart by accepting all insurance, including Medicaid and Medicare – this isn’t necessarily the case with other healthcare providers in and around Lincoln, Nebraska.

Expanding with the Mobile Clinic

We are preparing to launch our Mobile Clinic, which will help us reach underserved communities. This innovative approach promises to bridge geographical gaps, connecting healthcare directly to those who might struggle to access it. While dreams of establishing clinics in every needed area continue, the Mobile Clinic serves as a great first step forward, fostering community visibility and shaping future priorities.

Pioneering Progress, One Patient at a Time 

Looking forward, Jacque is excited about the potential to develop a foundation to secure additional funding that could be directed to community partners. Through strategic allocation of resources, the goal is always to amplify our impact. “Our dream would be to have a clinic in every area it’s needed,” she says. As Jacque continues to steer us toward our mission while leading a non-profit healthcare organization, her journey is a perfect example of how we find the balance between financial stewardship and social responsibility.

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