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As a society, we are becoming better at discussing our mental and behavioral health, however, there is still a stigma surrounding behavioral healthcare treatment.

Bluestem Health takes an integrated approach to healthcare. The Medical and Behavioral Health providers at Bluestem Health in Lincoln are passionate about helping people who suffer from behavioral health conditions and complications. They understand how mental health plays an important role in maintaining a healthy mind, body, and spirit and work together to provide integrated care for all patients. Integrating behavioral health care to support primary care just makes sense.

Mental Health Providers Who Understand

Our Behavioral Health team includes a Behavioral Health Director and Behavioral Health Therapists who see patients for counseling and support and who help with patient care plans and assessment of needs throughout patient care at Bluestem Health.

Working in this model with primary care providers, our behavioral health team assists with the assessment and treatment of patients in need of mental health services. At times, this may entail collaboration and discussion with primary care providers and behavioral health therapists only to establish or update patient care plans. At other times, they may meet with a patient face-to-face in a clinic setting to gather more information and/or discuss treatment options with the patient and their family.

Integrated Healthcare

Our Behavioral Health team continually collaborates with the patient’s primary care provider who oversees the patient’s overall health care and treatment plan. They provide triage care as well as traditional 50-minute therapy sessions integrated into the primary care setting to help the medical provider with mental health, addiction, or substance abuse problems.

Whole-person healthcare is Bluestem Health’s passion. Our Behavioral Health team allows us to treat psychiatric concerns with primary care providers and behavioral health therapists in a team-based approach, and is able to better connect all areas of health in a person’s life. Our goal is to provide behavioral health care to all people of all demographics, genders, and cultures. We have a trauma informed care approach that has become critical.

Behavioral Health for Patients of Bluestem Health

If patients come to us with behavioral health needs and are happy with their current therapist, we encourage them to continue this care. If they have not established care with a behavioral health therapist and their primary care provider identifies a need, we will contact our behavioral health director to consult and provide therapy as prescribed by their primary care provider.

Our Behavioral Health Director

Our Behavioral Health Director is scheduled at all clinic locations throughout the week so providers can schedule patients to see a therapist at their assigned clinic when possible. If there is an urgent need to be seen the day of, we offer phone or Telehealth therapy. We also may schedule patients depending on where translators are available. Our Behavioral Health Director is here and available for consults and therapies as directed by patients’ primary care providers.

Contact Us

You must be seen by a Bluestem Health family medicine provider first before being referred to our behavioral health director. If you feel you may need behavioral health services, contact your provider.

Locations featuring Behavioral Health

Health 360 Clinic

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Kreshel Clinic

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Main Clinic

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Locations featuring Behavioral Health

Health 360 Clinic

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Kreshel Clinic

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Main Clinic

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