Considering a New Primary Care Physician from Lincoln, NE?: Questions to Ask

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Main image of blog titled Considering a New Primary Care Physician from Lincoln, NE?: Questions to Ask.

Over the past decade, Nebraska had seen a growth in the number of its healthcare professionals. The progress is impressive; yet, based on the findings of the University of Nebraska Medical Center in 2018, there are still thirteen counties that lack medical care. Rural hospitals are on the decline in many areas, and rural doctors are struggling to keep up with demand. In the state’s capital, Lincoln, the situation is no different.

The demand for the services of medical practitioners, such as primary care physicians, have increased as well. If you’re one of the people who has already realized that taking charge of your health is imperative and you are now thinking of choosing a primary care physician in Lincoln, you might want to consider the following.

Primary Care Physician: Preparing the Front Lines of Your Healthcare

We know that preventative healthcare is the best path to a healthy life. By scheduling an annual physical with your primary care physician, you can be informed on your health.  Annual physicals are important to check your vital signs: blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and respiration rate. Bloodwork should also be a priority during your annual exam with your primary care physician. Together, you and your primary care doctor can discuss your overall health and ways to improve it.

Some people need to establish a relationship with their primary care doctor because they have an immediate health concern. We know that there are many underlying reasons various health problems arise. From demanding careers and the rat race of employment to peer pressure, stress, and anxiety, there are many factors that pose significant threats to our lives. Fortunately, by having a primary care physician, you and your family can get healthcare with fewer hassles. At Bluestem Health we operate on an Integrated Care philosophy so not only will you have a reliable professional who can help you physically, you will also have a team that can help you with your dental and behavioral health as well.

Bluestem Health has four locations in Lincoln with primary care physicians who are ready to listen and give you exceptional care. Remember, you must pick someone that coordinates with your needs. Among the top factors to consider are your medical status and needs, pre-existing medical conditions, current insurance plan, future needs, and more. If you’re in the process of shopping for a new primary care physician in Lincoln, remember to ask the following key questions.

  • What is the primary care physician’s educational background?

Today, the Internet provides you with a variety of information for your detective work. If you have prospects in mind, take time to find out about their educational backgrounds. You will want to know where they got their medical degrees, including the details about their residency, board certifications they have, and if they are currently involved in continuing education. It is always better to have an idea of what they have done in the past before the actual appointment. Moreover, this step can help you discover if your prospective physician has sub-specialties in other areas.

  • What is your primary care physician’s treatment philosophy?

A medical professional’s treatment approach gives you an idea of what to expect when you get injured or fall ill. Patients are not always on the same page when it comes to accepting treatment. Some prefer the conservative approach, which means only the necessary tests will be done. Others tend to order all the tests to reach a diagnosis right away. There are also PCPs who are more comfortable with providing holistic care. Others tend to perform strictly medically-based care.

  • If your primary care physician is unavailable, what are your care options?

Even if you have a primary doctor, it doesn’t mean that they will be available at short notice. In case of an emergency and your PCP happens to be out of office for a reason, are there options arranged beforehand so you’ll get the necessary treatment? This question is crucial, especially if you have a chronic condition.

  • Is your PCP’s staff reliable and easy to interact with?

Once you’ve chosen your primary care physician, it’s inevitable that you’ll make several trips to his or her office. Of course, most often than not, you will have to deal with different people, from receptionists to assistants, nurses, and more. It is always a significant deciding factor if the staff is helpful and pleasant to talk to. Being comfortable with the people who look after your health and welfare is a big plus.

  • What is the typical waiting time to schedule an appointment?

Whether you like it or not, healthcare issues can arise anytime. So before you choose your new primary care physician, you must check the time frame it usually takes to get an appointment. If the answer aligns with your need for regular checkups, then there would be no problem. But, if it takes more than a month to see your PCP, perhaps it would be a nice move to shop around for other options.

Why Consider Bluestem Health for Your Primary Care Physician’s Needs in Lincoln, NE?

Bluestem Health’s mission is to be a trusted resource for Medical, Dental and Behavioral Health Services. Our integrated care approach will give you and our family the healthcare that it needs. If you want to know more about what we do, or to schedule an appointment with a primary care physician us at (402) 476-1455.