Meet Jane Garbisch, Community Health Outreach


In 2016, Bluestem Health System in Lincoln, NE identified a need for an outreach health care worker to serve individuals who were home bound or unable to travel to its clinics. Through its Education program, it created a new position and hired Jane Garbisch, a licensed paramedic, to provide medical services and patient support to patients, primarily in their homes. 

"Realizing that the health care system can be difficult to navigate, often clients need extra time understanding how to achieve better health and how to access services," says Jane.  "Our education team is able to devote time to each individual's needs, to identify and remove barriers, and to provide necessary education for patients with chronic illnesses. And, this service is at no cost which can make a significant difference in a person's care."

Jane attributes her extensive experience as a paramedic and having cared for people in their homes for many years that allows her to better understand their overall needs. "When I meet with people for one particular service, I soon discover during the course of the conversation other things that need to be addressed,"Jane goes on to say. "Recognizing the full scope of their needs requires medical training, a comprehensive knowledge of available services, and an understanding of a diverse set of clients’ experiences. I act as a strong advocate for them, bridging the care between medical provider and client."


Visits to people in their homes can vary on a daily basis, as well as the type of care that is needed. According to Jane, everyday it seems like something unplanned happens. Fortunately for her, she is adept at operating out of her "mobile clinic," otherwise known as her car.


If you ask Jane to talk about a success story that stands out in her mind, she will tell you that they happen everyday. "I learned a long time ago working in emergency services that the small assists can be the most life changing. I've seen people improve their health because they aren't alone in their struggle. They know the Bluestem Health team is going to be there for them. That's what is important."

What makes Jane an outstanding caregiver in this role is her strong work values. "I always want to be caring and committed to those I serve. And, I feel fortunate to work with people in the Education Department that mirror these same values. It is what our clients deserve."