People’s Health Center is now Bluestem Health.

Since 2003, we have been providing health services for our community. As we look forward to creating a healthy community, we wanted to adopt a new identity and a new approach for healthcare.


The fresh approach was initiated because our goals as a healthcare provider have changed and we also want to eliminate patient confusion between other great organizations in Lincoln, namely the People's City Mission and the Center for People in Need. We want people to know that we offer healthcare for the entire community. Our services are for people who are insured or uninsured, and we accept payment on a sliding scale, so quality, affordable care is available for everyone.

Bluestem Health represents the spirit of Nebraska, a nurturing and growing spirit that provides a sense of quiet strength. Many people who seek healthcare services are intimidated by a cold, clinical approach. Our new logo and brand is warm and welcoming to all people and all cultures.