Better Communication with Bluestem Health


In our 14 years of existence, first as People’s Health Center and now as Bluestem Health, we have made some great strides in the services we provide. However, we know we need to improve the way we communicate with our patients. We want to continue to grow. We have set several goals for improvement over the course of the next year and designed action plans to achieve those growth opportunities. 

Our first focus for improvement is to enhance our communication with patients. Over the next few weeks we will be implementing a system through our Electronic Health Record that will record phone numbers and voicemails. This will allow us to track when patients call, how often they call, and what they are calling about. We are taking steps to ensure that we are trying to capture every call, including those from Pharmacies, so we can respond as quickly as possible.

We are not perfect, but we always want to provide better service for our patients. We always want to provide better service for our patients, and we are excited to implement plans to grow.