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Family Healthcare in the Piedmont Neighborhood

It’s important to make sure that your kiddos have a family medicine doctor that is available to care for you and your family.

Family Healthcare in the Piedmont Neighborhood

As we start off a new school year, it’s important to make sure that your kiddos have a family medicine doctor that is available to care for you and your family. At Bluestem Health Piedmont Clinic, we understand this need as we are parents ourselves. Now more than ever, it is vital that we trust the expertise of the medical community – and our excellent staff is here to help.

Importance of Quality Family Care

In life, there is nothing as important as keeping you and your family healthy and happy. By scheduling appointments with a family medicine doctor, they get to know your health history over the years.

At Bluestem Health, we pride ourselves on understanding the importance of quality care in family medicine. Our family providers are experienced in working with family members of all ages, which can make your visits all the less stressful and time consuming.

What to Expect at the Piedmont Clinic

Our patients can look forward to a comfortable experience with our family healthcare in the Piedmont Neighborhood. We understand that visiting a new family medicine clinic can be stressful, which is why our staff works to actively accommodate all patients and alleviate any concerns your family may have. Familiarizing yourself with our practice, services, and our main family medicine doctor, Andrew Shahan, MD, is a great first step toward creating a long-term relationship and positive experience with Bluestem Health Piedmont Clinic.

Andrew Shahan, MD

Reba Cooksley, DPN, APRN-NP

At your first appointment, our providers will do a thorough exam and gather any information about your health and family history that our practitioners must be aware of in order to provide the best care. We understand that all patients are different and require individualized care. Every appointment you have at Bluestem Health Piedmont Clinic is administered with warmth and compassion. Through their combined education, training, and experience, Dr. Shahan, Reba Cooksley, DPN, APRN-NP, and the entire professional medical team work together to ensure you receive the highest level of quality healthcare in family medicine.

Reviews of Our Care and Service

Giving our patients and their families the best care possible is something that we greatly pride ourselves on. When patients give us in-person feedback and online reviews, we take it to heart because we want to continue to grow in our excellence of care. Recently, one of our patients gave us a great review that we would like to share:

I always receive excellent service. Bluestem Health takes their time to meet your needs and answer any questions that you may have, especially during these trying times. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”
— Nancy

Our Bluestem Health Piedmont Clinic is accepting new patients. If you are looking for thoughtful, experienced family healthcare in the Piedmont Neighborhood, schedule a time to meet with Dr. Andrew Shahan by calling 402-480-7380. Our Piedmont Clinic offers comprehensive family medicine services for all ages, including laboratory services. Dr. Shahan and his team are ready to care for you at Lincoln’s Piedmont Neighborhood.

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