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Patient Services

Patient Support Services at Bluestem Health in Lincoln, Nebraska offers a “one-stop shop” for resources that our patients need. Families and individuals in the community seeking to become Bluestem Health patients can utilize our patient support services without the need to travel to multiple places. Our knowledgeable team can assist with applying for the Sliding Fee Discount Program, enrolling in the Health Insurance Marketplace or in Medicaid, or accessing Economic or General Assistance programs. From the beginning stages of the application process through completion, our Patient Support Services team works closely with patients to help them understand what is required from each program. Patients follow-up with the team so that their case runs smoothly and if they need help with any verification requests or other details along the way.

Having a team dedicated to enrollment assistance benefits both the patients themselves and Bluestem Health. If patients can afford to see a provider at the clinic at a discounted rate, they will be less likely to incur more costly services at an Emergency Room.

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