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Coming Soon: Andrew Shahan, MD at the New Bluestem Health Piedmont Clinic

We are adding a family medicine doctor and another family medicine clinic in Lincoln, Nebraska. Recently hired, Dr. Andrew Shahan, has been working at the Thompson Clinic while we open a new Bluestem Health location in the Piedmont neighborhood.

Coming Soon: Andrew Shahan, MD

Bluestem Health is growing. We are adding a family medicine doctor and another family medicine clinic in Lincoln, Nebraska. Recently hired, Andrew Shahan, MD, has been working at the Thompson Clinic while we open a new Bluestem Health location in the Piedmont neighborhood. Our new location is in Bryan East, Medical Plaza.

Dr. Andrew Shahan may be new to Bluestem Health, but not to the Midwest or to Lincoln, Nebraska. He grew up in Monument, Colorado. After attending medical school at the University of Kansas, Shahan joined Lincoln Family Medical Residency Program where he earned his Board Certification in 2015. He and our very own, Dr. Michael Israel of Thompson Clinic, attended residency together.

Dr. Shahan was born into a medical family. At a young age, he debated between teaching history and becoming a family medicine doctor, like his father. Shahan decided that he loved seeing how his father interacted with patients on such a personal level, and the rest is history, sort of. Actually, Dr. Shahan has a very interesting path that led him to Bluestem Health and one that offers him an edge when working with a diverse patient population and the full scope of family practice services and procedures offered by Bluestem Health.

When he was accepted into medical school, Dr. Shahan received a scholarship opportunity through the Air Force Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) through the military and was in the inactive reserve during medical school and residency. After residency, he had 5 years of active duty. He was first stationed in Korea for two years with his supportive wife, Danielle. There he was an ER doctor at the Osan Airbase Hospital – on a split base with the Republic of Korea soldiers and nationals and US military and their dependents, as well as retirees. There he got a crash course on how to be an independent family medicine doctor.

From there Shahan and his wife were stationed in Germany for another three years, where he practiced outpatient family medicine and also where his now 10-month-old daughter was born. This particular role involved a lot of administrative work and combat/capture training. His passion lies in primary care, so he is happy to be at Bluestem Health focusing on family medicine and in Lincoln, Nebraska raising his daughter. He credits his experience overseas with providing him skills that set him apart in the medical field and have given him a greater appreciation for various cultures of the world. Although he is not fluent in Korean or German, he knows enough to get by and he feels it could come in handy in his work as a family medicine doctor at Bluestem Health.

Shahan was drawn to Bluestem Health by Dr. Israel, Dr. Alvarez, and Dr. Kleeman who were his classmates in residency. You might call them a growing group of locally produced providers at Bluestem Health. These relationships among others formed during his residency program are much of what brought him back to Lincoln, Nebraska. Plus, Lincoln is centrally located between families in Minnesota, Colorado, and Kansas City. Who, as soon as they are able to, they will be able to visit and continue their love of travel in the U.S.

For now, he and his wife are excited to set down their roots. They purchased a home in which to raise their 10-month-old daughter, here in Lincoln. This new adventure has offered them a never-ending to-do list, which they are enjoying. His wife has a MA in social work and plans to return to work when their daughter is a bit older. They have two poorly-behaved and spoiled Korean Jindo rescue dogs, who they love to take on family walks. As a family they also love games of all kinds: board, card, video, dice, you name it! He said that they are also definitely foodies who miss fine Korean cuisine but are also thankful for Chick-fil-A as opposed to German foods.

When asked to describe what it is like to be his patient, Dr. Shahan said he is not rigid, but relaxed and meets patients where they are. He educates patients using language that is not overly medical because he can’t expect patients to be compliant if he isn’t doing his job to communicate well.

Dr. Andrew Shahan is excited for the opportunity to open a new location with Bluestem Health and having the opportunity to help create a new space and positive experience for Bluestem Health patients. He welcomes serving patients of all backgrounds including military and veteran populations. In fact, his services would be valuable to military members and their families who are going to be stationed overseas or are moving to a new location. Dr. Shahan can help them navigate the medical paperwork that needs to be done correctly and can be tricky.

If you are looking for a family medicine doctor who is experienced, communicates well, and cares deeply about patients, call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Shahan at 402-476-1455.

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