Minimizing Language Barriers with Medical Interpreters

Ana Cristina understands the need for effective communication when it comes to patients having access to healthcare in their native language and she is excited to be part of Bluestem Health’s team of interpreters.

Medical Interpreters

For many people whose native language is not English, communicating health concerns can be challenging. That’s where Ana Cristina, a Medical Interpreter at Bluestem Health, is vital in assisting patients. In 2021, Ana Cristina started working at Bluestem Health as a receptionist and quickly moved into her present role as a Spanish/English interpreter. She understands the need for effective communication when it comes to patients having access to healthcare in their native language and she is excited to be part of Bluestem Health’s team of interpreters.

Every day Ana Christina feels that she is learning something new in her role and that is what she enjoys most. She feels that healthcare providers need to completely understand a patient’s medical history and current symptoms in order to accurately provide treatment. A language barrier can prevent the proper exchange of information between the provider and patient. As a Medical Interpreter, her responsibilities vary based on the translation that is needed on any given day, she:

  1. Responds to patients’ calls to schedule appointments
  2. Offers in-person interpreter services for patients at the clinic
  3. Performs follow-up calls to give patients lab results and other medical information they need.

Patients are always surprised about and comment on how good Ana Cristina is at interpreting medical information so early in her career, which makes her proud and motivates her to continue to learn more about interpreter services.

What Ana Cristina loves about Bluestem Health is that it is a large, diverse organization with employees who are always striving to provide care to everyone no matter what their ethnicity, culture, or insurance coverage is. She enjoys working with a fantastic team of professionals who are dedicated to helping the community stay healthy and providing high-quality healthcare.

About Ana

Ana Cristina is a mom to two kiddos and is expecting her third baby. She enjoys watching NFL football on Sundays with the family and taking trips to see the Raiders play live. In her free time, she likes to learn anything related to medicine. Her Mexican heritage and the hard work and dedication she learned from her parents have influenced her and set her on a path to pursue her career goals in healthcare.

Bluestem Health in Lincoln, Nebraska offers comprehensive services including primary care, dental care, and behavioral health. Experienced interpreters are one of the unique services available at no cost to patients at Bluestem Health. To learn more about interpreter services or to schedule an appointment, call 402-476-1455.

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