Marissa Ebel, APRN – NP at Bluestem Health Thompson Clinic

For Marissa Ebel, APRN – NP, nursing is a perfect fit. She is patient, thorough, understanding, and she wants to help people.

Marissa Ebel APRN - NP

For Marissa Ebel, APRN – NP, nursing is a perfect fit. She is patient, thorough, understanding, and she wants to help people. As a Nurse Practitioner at Bluestem Health in Lincoln, NE, she helps by finding treatments or other available resources for her patients, educating them on disease prevention, and helping them stay up to date on their annual preventative visits. This includes conducting examinations, ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests, diagnosing conditions, providing counseling, and prescribing medications and treatments for acute and chronic conditions in patients from birth to death.

Marissa grew up on a farm near Falls City, Nebraska. She has been a nurse since 2006 – working two years at a rural hospital and another eight at Bryan Health in the Neuro/Trauma ICU. After obtaining her Master’s of Science in Nursing – Family Nurse Practitioner at Creighton University in 2016, Marissa joined Bluestem Health Main in July 2016, then joined Thompson Clinic in January the following year.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, their goal at Thompson Family Medicine Clinic is to keep patients and their families as healthy as possible by providing the option of rescheduling office visits, utilizing our Telehealth capabilities, and taking phone calls to make sure everyone has what they need while social distancing.

At home, she is doing her part social distancing by using the Zoom app to visit with friends, doing spring cleaning and home decorating, reading, and taking advantage of the beautiful outdoors for physical activity with her 11-year-old dog named Stella – who loves to go for walks and beg for treats. Her family is quite close and they spend time together when they can.

Thanks for being a positive part of our Bluestem Health Thompson Clinic team, Marissa! We love working with you.

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