Meet Jacque & Stephanie, Finance Department at Bluestem Health

Lucky for the rest of us, there are people out there who love numbers and budgets, charts and spreadsheets, and understand them too! Our Bluestem Health financial department keeps us in business and we couldn’t help our community the way we do without them.

Meet Jacque & Stephanie

Meet Jacque & Stephanie. Lucky for the rest of us, there are people out there who love numbers and budgets, charts and spreadsheets, and understand them too! Our Bluestem Health financial department keeps us in business and we couldn’t help our community the way we do without them. Thank you Jacque and Stephanie.

Jacque, CPA, and our Chief Financial Officer, is described as fair, friendly, and understanding. When mistakes happen, her rule of thumb is – It can be fixed! She loves to report how well Bluestem Health is doing financially, which she attributes to the good work of the entire team on a daily basis. She says that she feels her team appreciates her role and she certainly appreciates them and the fact that everyone has different gifts that make Bluestem Health an incredible organization.

Jacque takes care of budgeting, preparing monthly financial statements, documenting grant expenditures, approving invoices for payment, and analyzing cash position – basically, all things accounting. She came to work at Bluestem Health in August of 2016 with a BA in Business Administration and an emphasis in Accounting from Hastings College. She actually grew up in Hastings and lived there her whole life before moving to Lincoln – her parents and three brothers still live there today.

She and her husband, Floyd, have been married 10 years and share a beautifully blended family, each with a grown son and daughter. Floyd’s son is married, living in CO with a 3-year-old daughter. Floyd’s daughter is married, living about 45 minutes southeast of Lincoln with a 4-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son – so they get to see them a lot! Jacque’s daughter and her husband just moved to Omaha, as she recently received her DVM and will be practicing at a veterinarian emergency center. And Jacque’s son recently graduated from UNL and is living and working here in Lincoln. Jacque and Floyd have a 12 year old Silky Poo dog, named Izzy, who is just as spunky – most of the time – as she was when she was a puppy! Right now, during COVID-19, Jacque is still coming into the admin office regularly – socially distanced – as she has a lot of hands on work that needs be done to keep the work flowing to others in Accounting and Billing. Her husband usually travels for work, so he is working from home daily, and honestly he is getting frustrated by it! Luckily it is spring and practically every day he has something new planted in their yard to show her when she gets home. They are also finding that they are saving a lot of money by not being able to dine out at nice restaurants, which is something they typically enjoy. Fortunately, Floyd is a great cook, so Jacque lets him do the cooking while she enjoys a glass of wine. They both appreciate relaxing in the evenings, outside, taking in the view, and watching and listening to the birds. Hopefully they can get back to visiting the grand babies and their favorite restaurants soon, when it is safe to do so.

Stephanie Goings, from Rush Center, Kansas, decided back in high school that she wanted to work in accounting because she enjoys creating and manipulating spreadsheets and crunching numbers. She obtained her Associate of Business Administration from Southeast Community College and logged 3 years of accounting experience prior to starting at Bluestem Health. This is Stephanie’s 5th year as Accounting Specialist, where she uses her accounting experience depositing cash, checks, and insurance payments from each location daily; coding invoices and entering them into the accounting software; printing Accounts Payable checks; making payroll journal entries; and orders office supplies.

Although she loves accounting it is her boss and coworkers who make Bluestem Health a fun environment and a place she loves to be. She is technically the only one in the finance department, but the billing department includes her when celebrating birthdays, participating in team building activities, and even Secret Santa! If they were asked to describe Stephanie, they would likely say that she is a nice person, a Harry Potter fan, and a crazy cat lady who loves dressing up or wearing costumes for the holidays.

Since COVID-19, she wears a mask while around others at work, which isn’t too often at the Administration Building, and eats her lunch at her desk instead of the break room. At home she and her husband have limited trips to the grocery store and disinfect groceries when they get home. They are also limiting contact with others on the weekends by sheltering in place most of the time.

Stephanie and her husband have two house cats, Maddux and Jasmine. Between them, they also have six nieces and nephews with another on the way – whom they love to spoil – and they have a vegetable garden that keeps them busy in the Spring and Summer. Stephanie likes to spend her time crocheting and sewing baby items for friends, including security blankets that have a stuffed animal head on them. She is not a competitive runner, but finds running relaxing, so she signs up for occasional 5ks. When asked if she had anything to add, she said, “GO Huskers!”

Thank you, ladies, for all you do!

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