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At Bluestem Health Kreshel Clinic, patients find the compassionate and caring primary care providers that they have come to know and trust over the years. The Kreshel Clinic providers take time to get to know their patients and family members.

The history of the North Lincoln Family Medical Center dates back to 1991 when it was first opened by Charles Kreshel, MD, a Family Medicine physician in Lincoln. Over the years, this Clinic has served the healthcare needs of the Belmont Community in North Lincoln by offering comprehensive family medicine services and obstetric care. On April 1, 2019, the Clinic became part of the Bluestem Health organization, a Federally Qualified Health Center in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Clinic’s name was changed to Bluestem Health Kreshel Clinic in recognition of Dr. Kreshel’s commitment to provide high-quality, primary care in the Lincoln area. While patients get used to the new name, they can rely on receiving the same great care as in the past.


At Bluestem Health Kreshel Clinic, patients find the compassionate and caring primary care providers that they have come to know and trust over the years. The Kreshel Clinic providers take time to get to know their patients and family members. In many cases, some of the providers have had the privilege of caring for multi-generations of families from the area

We have five Family Medicine providers at the Bluestem Health Kreshel Clinic:

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The high level of personalized primary care patients receive is just one of the many reasons why they come to the Bluestem Health Kreshel Clinic in Lincoln.

The primary care services provided at Bluestem Kreshel Clinic are comprehensive, including:


At Bluestem Health, we have several integrated family practice clinics. This means we care about your overall well being — your medical, behavioral, and dental healthcare, as well as resources for family success. The integrated family medical clinic allows the Kreshel Clinic providers to work closely with Mental Health and Psychiatric providers who work within the primary care setting. The integrated care model increases access to behavioral healthcare that helps to prevent and to manage chronic medical conditions, prolong life expectancy, and improve a patient’s quality of life. This care model promotes a continuum of care for patients, allowing the Kreshel Clinic family medicine providers to coordinate that level of care within the Bluestem Health system for patients needing behavioral health services.

The Kreshel Clinic providers also have direct access to other services that support primary care, such as:

  • Dental appointments can be coordinated directly through the Kreshel Clinic to Bluestem Health’s dental services.
  • A Certified Diabetic Educator and Nutritionist, and a Chronic Disease Nurse are available by appointment at no cost to patients who have chronic diseases and need additional support with disease management.
  • Home-bound patients can be seen in their home by a paramedic as requested by a Kreshel Clinic provider.
  • Bluestem Health’s 340B Pharmacy can offer significant discounts on medications.
  • Assistance is available for the Kreshel Clinic patients in applying for resources such as Medicaid, SNAP, ADC, Child Care Support, and Open Enrollment through the Health Insurance Exchange.
  • Bluestem Health offers a staff of interpreters that speak seven different languages to serve Lincoln’s diverse population, including Spanish, Arabic, Kurdish, Karen, Burmese, Vietnamese, and American Sign Language.
  • Patients that are uninsured, or commercially insured, have access to a Sliding Fee Discount Program based on meeting certain requirements.

Bluestem Health Kreshel Clinic is located at 3100 N. 14th Street. Bluestem Health has four other locations in Lincoln: Bluestem Health’s Main Clinic at 1021 N. 27th Street, Health 360 at 2301 ‘O’ Street, the Bluestem Health Thompson Clinic at 2222 S. 16th Street, and Administrative offices at 1021 N. 27th Street, 2246 ‘O’ Street.

For an appointment at Bluestem Health Kreshel Clinic, call 402-477-6600, or visit the Bluestem Health website,

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