What do you need to know about choosing a Family Doctor?

Over the years we have experienced an ever changing medical profession, and simply finding a family doctor can be confusing and challenging, but certainly not impossible.


Over the years we have experienced an ever changing medical profession, and simply finding a family doctor can be confusing and challenging, but certainly not impossible. First of all, there are many names for a family doctor, such as: family practitioner, primary care physician, and general practitioner or GP. Regardless of the term used, the primary role of a family doctor is to counsel, examine, provide care to patients of all ages for non-emergency health issues, perform minor procedures, and/or refer patients to specialists, if necessary. They must also be licensed by the state board in which they practice. However, not all family doctors are created equal. And not all family doctors accept every type of insurance, or have the same bedside manner and medical experiences.


A family doctor plays a vital role in your health and the health of your family over the span of a lifetime. Therefore, trust, comfort, consistency, and experience are essential when choosing the right family doctor for you. Not to mention, it really helps when their team shares the same commitment to and philosophy for treating patients. In order to find the right family doctor, you need to do your research. Tip: As people often say, actions speak louder than words.


Dr. Michael Israel, MD, a highly esteemed family doctor for Bluestem Health’s Thompson Clinic in Lincoln, NE is just the type of family doctor for whom people search high and low. Here is why. Dr. Israel graduated from the University of Missouri, KC in 2011, in 2014 he completed his Lincoln Medical Education Partnership Family Medicine Residency program and he is now board certified in Nebraska. Dr. Israel joined the Bluestem team in 2016 and is now the Chief Medical Officer (a liaison between administration and staff). He has volunteered for the Project Homeless Coalition and has served as a past medical director for the Lancaster County Corrections Center. Dr. Israel currently serves as medical director for KED Plasma Center and is a board member on Lincoln’s American Cancer Society Leadership Advisory Board. He is Nebraska Medical Association Leadership trained and serves on the Lancaster County Medical Society’s Board of Directors. He has accomplished all this while nurturing his own young family. Dr. Israel believes that “experience cannot be taught” which his why he has committed completely as a family doctor and pushed himself to be involved, experienced, and informed. As 2018’s Young Physician of the Year, Dr Israel is the perfect example of a family doctor who cares about the community, his patients, and the quality of his care. He is the type of family doctor everyone wants and deserves.

Dr. Israel has also had the unique opportunity to continue to guide and grow a clinic 60 years in the making. Their shared mission at Bluestem Health continues to be, “…to care for all patients, to accept all insurances and the uninsured, and to treat everyone equally.”

Dr. Michael Israel, is a family doctor and CMO for Bluestem Health’s Thompson Clinic located at 2222 S. 16th St, Suite 435, in Lincoln. If you are looking for a family doctor who sees you as a person and not just as a patient, call 402-474-7445 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Israel today.

    If you are not located in Lincoln, NE but want to find a family doctor like Dr. Israel:
  • Make a list of the things you want in a family doctor
  • Simply type into your search engine “find a family doctor in (insert city and state)” and begin your research
    Remember to use reputable information, get recommendations from friends and colleagues
  • Call the clinic yourself to speak directly with staff about becoming a new patient
  • Ask about their mission and philosophy regarding patient care
  • Finally, make sure they accept your insurance.

Finding a family doctor is like finding a family friend. As Dr. Michael Israel says about patient care, “Building a rapport with them means better patient outcomes. Family medicine is built on trust, and I believe my patients are more likely to follow my instructions if they trust me.”

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