Meet Arianne Gesell, Physician Assistant

It was science classes in high school that first introduced Arianne Gesell, PA-C, to medicine as a career. She was able to further her interest in the medical field while

It was science classes in high school that first introduced Arianne Gesell, PA-C, to medicine as a career. She was able to further her interest in the medical field while shadowing a variety of providers, and by participating in a 7-week medical mission trip in Bolivia during college. Arianne went on to receive a Master of Physician Assistant Studies degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in 2018. In her role as a Physician Assistant at Bluestem Health, she provides family medicine services to people of all ages.

What Arianne enjoys most about Family Medicine and working in a clinic setting are the relationships she is able to have with her patients. The variety of illnesses and conditions that she sees makes every day unique. “I treat a lot of acute illnesses, like sinus and ear infections, colds, and flu, as well as more chronic conditions such as hypertension, thyroid issues, and diabetes,” Arianne says.

Seeing how health issues impact her patients’ lives is what drives Arianne’s passion to really get to know each patient. “I want to help them reach their goals and to live the life they want to live,” Arianne adds. “And, to remove as many barriers as possible that they may face in accessing high-quality healthcare.”

Arianne recalls one patient she encountered while doing training prior to joining Bluestem Health. He was a truck driver from out of area who was admitted to the hospital for several health concerns. He was in the hospital for one week, and during that time, Arianne spent time getting to know him and learn more about his health issues. The patient’s diagnosis was quite serious: congestive heart failure related to thyroid and diabetes issues. Arianne educated him about how those issues were connected and what he needed to do going forward to feel better. “By week’s end, he really appreciated me taking the time to explain the medical issues to him. Together, we figured out how best to meet his personal and professional needs in order to return to a healthier life,” Arianne concludes.

As a medical professional, Arianne feels that one of the greatest challenges in healthcare today is helping patients get access to care when and where they need it. Along with that, it can be difficult for patients to get affordable medications. “Different insurance companies and plans might each prefer a certain medication or they may require that a patient has tried a certain number of medications first before approving a different one,” Arianne explains. “This happens with ordering diagnostic tests, too. Some of these barriers to access are even more evident for patients without insurance or with a very high deductible plan. Thankfully, there exist numerous different programs and resources that we can utilize to help our patients.”

Helping all patients access high-quality healthcare services is one of the many reasons why Arianne chose to work at Bluestem Health. She likes how the organization strives to break down barriers so patients can get the services and care they need; the mission and vision of the organization; and that they work with a diverse population. “Bluestem Health makes care available to a wider group of people,” Arianne notes. “Through offering a sliding fee discount and employing interpreters, Bluestem Health makes it much easier to come to a provider for medical care.”

Born in Houston, TX, Arianne and her family moved to Fremont at the age of 5. She likes living in Lincoln because it offers a wide range of things to do. She is fluent in Spanish which helps when treating many of her patients. One thing she would love to do in the future is to work with refugee populations in the Lincoln area, possibly teaching ESL or educating kids about health and nutrition topics, which is something she did while living in Omaha. When not at work, Arianne likes being outside, whether it’s walking, hiking, or going for a run. She is looking to possibly get involved with Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She also enjoys traveling to state and national parks and reading a wide variety of books.

“It is important for patients to be informed about their health and to know what healthy choices they could be making each day,” Arianne explains. “Little things like limiting processed foods, avoiding tobacco, and being physically active each day can make a significant impact on one’s health.”

Arianne Gesell, PA-C, works at the Bluestem Health 360 Clinic located at 2301 ‘O’ Street in Lincoln. If you’re looking for a new provider who is passionate about educating her patients about their health, or if you share similar interests, Arianne is ready to provide you with expert medical care.

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