5 Reasons We Love Working at a Bluestem Health Family Medicine Clinic

Our Bluestem Health Clinic Managers are one-of-a-kind, client-driven, and family-focused. Together, our providers, clinic managers, and employees make it possible for all five Bluestem Health locations to offer continuity of care.

Reasons we love working at Bluestem

At Bluestem Health, our employees and family medicine providers are two main reasons we take pride in the quality services that we offer patients. Our Bluestem Health Clinic Managers are one-of-a-kind, client-driven, and family-focused. Together, our providers, clinic managers, and employees make it possible for all five Bluestem Health locations to offer continuity of care. Here are our top reasons why we love working at Bluestem Health.

Reason #1: Serve and Employ a Diverse Community

Natasha from our Main Clinic notes,

“I love the diverse community we serve and employ at Bluestem Health Family Medicine Clinics.”

Our Bluestem Health Main Clinic offers comprehensive family medicine for all ages, general dentistry, behavioral health, addiction and substance use services, lab testing, and x-ray services. All together, at Bluestem Health we have five locations to serve and employ the diverse communities in Lincoln, Nebraska.

We care deeply for our employees and their careers and families. With five family medicine clinics throughout Lincoln, our employees have options to work at whichever location is closest to them and their families, as well as allowing our patients to obtain family medicine services close to work and home.

Becoming a part of the Bluestem Health team, means that we are committed to being the leading resource for all patients in the Lincoln area.

Reason #2: We See Many Types of Patients and Medical Conditions

“Our family medicine clinics see a variety of conditions in our patients which allows us to continue learning and growing as a family medicine provider.”

At the Bluestem Health Thompson Clinic, we offer comprehensive family medicine services for all ages, as well as laboratory services.

Because we are working with families with patients of all ages, on any given day we see a wide range of medical conditions in all of our patients. From colds to diabetic education, we are able to treat our patients through our medical expertise as family medicine providers.

Reason #3: Cultivate Lasting Relationships with Families

Ashley from our Kreshel Clinic states,

“At Bluestem Health, we work in a family medicine setting and we have the opportunity to cultivate relationships with the whole family.”

Our Kreshel Clinic offers comprehensive family medicine, obstetric care, lab testing, and x-ray services.

As a family medicine provider, we are able to establish relationships with our patients, and become integrated into the health and well-being of entire families. At Bluestem Health, our patients get to know us both personally and as a family medicine provider.

“Because we are a family medicine clinic, we get the privilege of seeing patients through so many important milestones in their lives,” adds Rebecca from our Health 360 Clinic.

Health 360 is a partnership between Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska and Bluestem Health. We offer comprehensive family medicine for all ages, behavioral health, addiction and substance use services, pharmacy, laboratory services, and dental hygiene services.

To us, family medicine care is like following the patient over their lifespan. By participating in our patients’ lives, we have the privilege as a family medicine clinic to be the main source of medical advice and treatment for patients of all ages over the span of their lives.

Reason #4: Be Our Patients’ Helping Hand

“I am constantly learning, not just from my job but from the patients. Everyone has a story, and I love that we have the opportunity to be our patients’ helping hand,” Holly at our Piedmont Clinic says.

Our Bluestem Health Piedmont Clinic offers comprehensive family medicine and laboratory services for all ages.

As mentioned earlier, we are grateful for the opportunity to be constantly learning in a family medicine environment, and it’s not just our job, it’s also from our patients. As family medicine providers, we love to assist our patients and develop the relationships that allow them to trust our medical expertise and services.

Reason #5: We Love Our Mission and Those We Work With

Bluestem Health is a wonderful organization where you can be encouraged and challenged in your career as a family medicine professional, and our employees love working at our family medicine clinics because each other in our team environment.

At Bluestem Health we are led by a bold vision for a more vibrant, healthy community for everyone. We are determined to provide exceptional care to each patient at all times and in a compassionate manner.

If you’re looking for a family medicine provider, Bluestem Health Piedmont Clinic is accepting new patients. To schedule an appointment, call 402-441-6642 and located at 1500 S. 48th St, Suite 412, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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