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Spring Into Action: Preventive Health Tips from Your Piedmont Clinic Family Medicine Doctor

When it comes to your health, you may not be giving it the same spring-cleaning attention it deserves. Your family medicine doctor can help you stay on track when it comes to scheduling preventive health screenings or discussing your overall health concerns.

Spring’s the perfect time to make a list of projects that need to get done around your house and yard. You invest time and energy in making sure that paint isn’t chipping off the house or bushes haven’t overgrown into the neighbors yard. But when it comes to your health, you may not be giving it the same spring-cleaning attention it deserves. Your family medicine doctor can help you stay on track with scheduling preventive health screenings or discussing your health concerns. Here’s our spring-cleaning health list to get you started.

Schedule an annual wellness exam

Having a family medicine doctor can give you peace of mind. They are your partner when it comes to your healthcare. Because they see you on a regular basis, your doctor is aware of your overall health. They can discuss with you preventive measures to take to maintain an active lifestyle as you age. An annual wellness exam is the perfect time to discuss with your doctor any health concerns you may have. Staying healthy should be your priority.

The family medicine providers at Bluestem Health Piedmont Clinic are experienced in treating every member of your family, from pregnant mothers and infants to seniors. If you are responsible for the care of your children or even your parents or grandparents, having confidence in your doctor can make it easy for you to communicate changes in health conditions concerning your loved ones.

Set up school physicals and vaccinations

School-age kids may need to get a school physical or certain vaccinations before they can start the next school year. Scheduling those now can help you avoid forgetting about them and be scrambling in the summer to get an appointment.

Plan to get health screenings done

Screenings are effective tools to help keep you in your best health. Your age, gender, and family history help your primary care provider determine which screenings you may need and at what age to start. Here are some common screenings that can help detect health problems early.

  • Cholesterol – screening for heart disease
  • Blood Pressure – screening for heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease
  • Mammogram – screening for breast cancer
  • A1c Test – screening for prediabetes and diabetes
  • Colorectal – screening for colon cancer
  • Bone Density – screening for osteoporosis

Change up your diet

During the winter months, it may seem more difficult to find some of the freshest produce and healthy food options that you have access to in spring and summer. With warmer weather, you have more opportunities to be active outside and fewer excuses to curl up in your house and eat less healthy comfort foods. Incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables, salads, and lighter meals can impact your weight and overall well-being.

Spring is also the perfect time to plant a garden. That way you can add more color to your plate by incorporating healthy vegetables and fruits.

Get physical

By now, you’ve exhausted your winter workout routine and are ready to launch into something new. We suggest you take your exercise outdoors where you can get a good dose of Vitamin D while you’re enjoying some sunshine. Just don’t forget the sunscreen.

If you haven’t been working out for a while, then talk with your family medicine provider about the best way to get started. Activities such as walking or riding a bike can be done in your neighborhood or at one of your favorite parks. Swimming at your local neighborhood YMCA or community pool is another great way to get exercise. Workout with a friend to help you stick to your routine and are less likely to quit.

Remember: when it comes to spring cleaning your health, think of it as you would when it comes to trimming back your trees or shrubs in the spring so that they continue to grow and stay healthy.

If you are looking for experienced family medicine providers, Bluestem Health Piedmont Clinic is here to care for you. Our team of healthcare professionals – Andrew Shahan, MD, Reba Cooksley, DNP, APRN-NP, and Jeff Baker, APRN-NP – are conveniently located at Bryan Health East Medical Plaza, 1500 South 48th Street in Lincoln. They offer comprehensive family medicine services for all ages. For an appointment call (402) 480-7380.

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