Prescription Requests

Q: I need a refill on my prescription; what should I do?

A: All prescription refills need to be initiated by the Pharmacy. Please notify your Pharmacy 7 days before you run out of medications. Calling the doctor instead of calling the pharmacy requesting a refill will slow down the process.  


Q: My Pharmacy says that they have sent the refill request and they have not received a response from the Provider; what should I do?

A: All Pharmacies handle refill requests differently. Pharmacies request prescriptions refills by two common methods: electronically and by fax. Electronic refill requests go straight to the provider’s Electronic Health Records queue, which usually get faster responses. Requests submitted by fax have to be manually researched, depending on what other tasks the nurse is working on at that time, refill requests are filled on a first come, first served basis. We receive over 200 refill requests a day and have 4 Nurses monitoring these refill requests. Each time a Pharmacy sends a request, the more paperwork that accumulates on that nurse’s queue.


When the Nurse receives the fax, he/she has to look up the patient in the Electronic Health Record, send a refill request to the Provider and then the Provider has to electronically submit the refill request. Providers try to check their queues several times a day, but depending on how many patients they see that day, it is common for them to refill the medications 2 days after receiving the request. That is why we tell all of our patients to request the medication refill when they still have 7 days left.  


Q: I ran out of my medication and need some to get me through the weekend/week; what should I do?

A: Bluestem Health tells patients they should request medication refills through their Pharmacy 7 days before they run out. If you do not follow this process, we make no guarantees the medication refill will be filled within 2-3 days after the refill request is received from the Pharmacy.