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Michelle Krumland, APRN-NP, Provides High-Quality, Family Medicine Care

As a Family Medicine provider, Michelle Krumland appreciates caring for her patients over a lifetime, often for generations of families.

Michelle Krumland

As a Nurse Practitioner at Bluestem Health, Michelle Krumland’s patient-centered approach to care from the bedside prepared her to assess her patients holistically, looking beyond the symptoms that they may present with in the clinic setting. Understanding each patient’s healthcare needs and knowing their past medical history allows Michelle to manage all aspects of their care including the diagnosis and management of acute, chronic, and complex medical conditions. As a Family Medicine provider, Michelle Krumland, APRN-NP appreciates caring for her patients over a lifetime, often for generations of families.

Family Medicine Nurse Practitioners Diagnose and Treat

As an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) at Bluestem Health in Lincoln, Nebraska, Michelle appreciates being able to use critical thinking when diagnosing and treating her patients. Many times, patients with complex health problems must learn how to live with their condition. Understanding how medications, diet, and daily activity are essential components of their overall treatment plan is important in achieving positive results. She knows that the more a patient understands about their health, the better they will be about managing their lifestyle.

Michelle enjoys working at Bluestem Health because it offers her the opportunity to treat diverse populations and cultural backgrounds. She wants to ensure that every patient is able to get the care they need and deserve. She also enjoys volunteering with various organizations close to her heart including Heart Heroes, which helps kids with congenital heart defects, and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) fundraising events.

It’s true when we say that nurses care for the whole-person. Michelle Krumland, APRN-NP, understands the importance of connecting and evaluating patients on many levels to ensure best-practice outcomes. She attributes her nursing education and training to continuing to be at the center of how she administers healthcare to her patients every day.

The experiences Michelle gained early on as a nurse in the Progressive Cardiac and Inpatient/Outpatient Diabetes Units at Bryan Health in Lincoln, Nebraska, inspired her to attain her Advanced Nurse Practitioner Degree from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. Michelle offers her patients a wealth of knowledge and experience in family medicine, as well as cardiac and diabetes care.

Find a Bluestem Health Family Medicine Clinic Near You

Michelle Krumland, APRN-NP, works at the Main Clinic, located at 1021 N. 27th Street in Lincoln.

Bluestem Health provides services at five integrated clinic locations and an administration office in Lincoln, Nebraska. From primary care and pediatrics, to behavioral health, to dental care, patients can find various services at all of our locations.

Additionally, Bluestem Health patients have access to other services including pharmacies, interpreters, patient support services, diabetes education, and chronic disease management services.

If you are looking for a family medicine provider, call 402-476-1455 or go online to schedule an appointment at Bluestem Health.

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