Federally Qualified Health Centers such as Bluestem Health are a key source of comprehensive primary care in medically underserved communities across the United States. To provide data that sharpens the understanding of Bluestem Health’s role in the community and the unique demographics and needs of Lancaster County community patient health population, we offer these insights.


2017 Uniform Data System (UDS) Resources

Patient Insurance Sources

None/Uninsured 5,598
Medicaid 4,625
Medicare 1,580
Other Public Insurance 0
Private Insurance 2,443
Total ALL Insurance Sources 14,246

"The doctors and staff are nice and gentle. I get respect from them. Meanwhile there are sliding fees for low income people. Very good!”

Patients by Race and Ethnicity

Race Total
Asian 1,092
Native Hawaiian 4
Other Pacific Islander 11
Black / African American 1,540
American Indian/Alaska Native 166
White (Caucasian/Hispanic) 6,753
More than one race 51
Unreported / Refused to report 1,461
Total 11,078

“Exceptionally friendly and competent staff. The best dental service in town.” 

Selected Patient Characteristics

Income as Percent of Poverty Guideline Number of Patients
100% or below 4,726
101 - 150% 1,699
151 - 200% 491
Over 200% 658
Unkown 6,229
Total 13,803

Special Populations

Special Populations Number of Patients
Homeless 590
Veterans 94

“The renovations here look wonderful, the staff were friendly and we got the help we needed in prompt time. I appreciate the clean, healthy, and quiet environment. I really am grateful for this clinic.”

Growth of Visits


People's Quick Care


Health 360

Year-to-Date Patient Visits

YTD Combined Medical Visits 31,432
YTD Dental Visits 9,152
YTD Total Visits 40,584
YTD Total Unduplicated Patients 14,140