Welcome Julia Lainhart, PA-C

Meet Julia Lainhart, PA-C. She is our newest provider at the Bluestem Health Main Clinic in Lincoln and she looks forward to being your healthcare provider.

Meet Julia Lainhart, PA-C

Meet Julia Lainhart, PA-C. She is our newest provider at the Bluestem Health Main Clinic in Lincoln and she looks forward to being your healthcare provider.

Julia grew up in Austin, Texas, and attended BYU-Hawaii for her undergraduate degree where she majored in Pre-Medicine and minored in Biochemistry. She completed her medical training at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Kearney. She was board certified as a Physician Assistant in 2021 and is a member of the Nebraska Academy of Physician Assistants, as well as the American Academy of Physician Assistants.

Getting to know people and helping them is what Julia is most excited about as she begins her career as a PA-C at Bluestem Health. Working as a physician assistant, Julia believes, offers diverse opportunities to provide care to those who might not otherwise receive it. She is looking forward to the opportunity to help an entire community become healthier by assisting them in making better daily choices. Julia states she was drawn to Bluestem Health as it was important to her to provide healthcare to everyone who needs it. She appreciates the diversity and cultural experiences within Bluestem Health, as well as their mission to provide high quality health care for anyone in need.

Julia has been married to her husband, Samuel, for three years. They enjoy spending time outside riding motorcycles, biking, and traveling. Julia stated, “I love learning about other cultures and trying new things while traveling.”

Julia’s advice to patients: “Don’t be afraid to come in and see a medical provider; we are here to help.”

Choosing a PA-C

Physician Assistants, or PA-Cs are highly qualified medical providers, educated at medical schools, and trained to diagnose and treat illness, as well as provide preventative care in partnership with a supervising physician. Every two years they are required to have 100 hours of continuing education and they must re-certify, passing a national recertification exam every six years.

Just as a physician would, PA-Cs work closely with a supervising physician to intake and discuss medical histories, examine, diagnose, and treat patients, prescribe medications, order and analyze labs and imaging, refer to specialists, assist in surgery, perform minor procedures, and counsel patients.

Our PA-Cs practice in a family medicine setting and care for patients over many years, who have never met the supervising physician. However, for more complicated patients a PA-C may consult with a physician or even ask the physician to assume care if it is outside of the PA-C’s scope of practice and training.

Our PA-C Providers

Our Bluestem Health PA-Cs are located in our various Bluestem Health clinics throughout Lincoln, NE and they are here for the health and wellness of our community. Julia joins several other highly qualified and compassionate PA-Cs on our team, including:

Schedule with Julia

Julia Lainhart, PA-C, works at the Bluestem Health Main clinic located at 1021 N 27th Street in Lincoln, NE 68503. For an appointment call (402) 476-1455. Julia is happy to care for you and your family.

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