Meet Anthony Cox, Physician Assistant

Anthony Cox, PA-C says he didn’t start out looking to work in healthcare when he went to college. He eventually found his passion and decided to become a physician assistant.

Anthony Cox, PA-C says he didn’t start out looking to work in healthcare when he went to college. He eventually found his passion and decided to become a physician assistant. Tony earned his degree in Physician Assistant Studies from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, Nebraska in 1999. He joined North Lincoln Family Medical Center, now known as Bluestem Health Kreshel Clinic, in 2001.

In family medicine, Tony sees patients from infants to elderly with a broad range of acute and chronic conditions. He loves making a difference in a person’s life. When it comes to his patients that have multiple conditions, Tony understands the role of the primary care provider. “It’s not uncommon for me to be communicating with a cardiologist or pulmonologist about a patient’s condition,” Tony says. “Primary care is the gatekeeper so that patients can get the care they need when they need it. It’s easier to get in to see us than it is to see a specialist. We can do a lot of the necessary workup in advance of that first appointment with the specialist.”

The healthcare system does present challenges for Tony and his patients, from dealing with managed care and insurance companies to figuring out which tests or medications will be approved by insurance plans. “Sometimes you send a patient out the door with one plan and then you have to change your game plan,” Tony notes. “Our goal is to give our patients access to the tests and medications they need for the best health results.”

Bluestem Health offers patients comprehensive services, including family medicine, dental, behavioral health, and pharmacy which Tony sees as a great advantage to his patients. “For some of my patients, it’s difficult to get to different locations from where they live,” Tony adds. “Transportation has been a barrier for many patients in the past. Making services available in one location is very helpful. Bluestem Health fosters a healthier community model, especially for people that need it.”

Tony grew up in Kearney, Nebraska. He and his wife have three children, daughter-son twins who are sophomores in high school and a 10 year-old daughter. As a family, they spend a lot of time at baseball, basketball, and track athletic activities. He loves being there in support of his children and family. He is committed to continually learning new things.

“When it comes to my patients, I want them to see me as their health partner and that I will always do what is in their best interest,” Tony says. “Helping patients live a healthy life is my mission.”

Anthony Cox, PA-C, works at the Bluestem Health Kreshel Clinic located at 3100 N. 14th Street in Lincoln. For an appointment, call 402-477-6600.

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