Tips for Staying Healthy in the Fall

Fall is the perfect time to reset and make sure you take time to focus on you and your family’s health. As a primary care provider, Bluestem Health Piedmont Clinic in Lincoln, Nebraska is here to help.

Tips for Staying Healthy in the Fall

As the days get shorter and temperatures start to cool down, Fall is the perfect time to reset and make sure you take time to focus on you and your family’s health. As a primary care provider, Bluestem Health Piedmont Clinic in Lincoln, Nebraska is here to help. From flu shots to wellness needs, we’ve got some helpful tips for staying healthy in the Fall

TIP #1

Schedule Your Annual Wellness Exam
Annual health exams and tests can help find problems before they start. Your primary care provider can identify any health issues early, when your chances for treatment and cure are better, as well as monitor any changes in health that occur from year to year throughout the span of your life.

TIP #2

Get Your Flu Shot
Staying healthy during fall and winter months is important for the entire family. Getting a flu vaccine will help reduce the risk of becoming ill and missing school or work.

TIP #3

Add Vitamin D
It’s easy to get plenty of Vitamin D when the sun is shining. As sunshine decreases going into fall, our natural intake does too. If you aren’t spending as much time outside as you did in the summer, you may want to consider taking a Vitamin D supplement to help support your immune system. Discuss this with your primary care provider to ensure the proper dosage.

TIP #4

Eat Seasonal Foods
Seasonal veggies that are rich in nutrients, like brussel sprouts, butternut squash, turnips, beets, and pumpkin, are foods that can be easily incorporated into your daily meals. Continue to eat healthy fruits loaded with Vitamin C, like oranges, to help fight off infections, and spinach, garlic, and almonds to boost your health.

TIP #5

Change Up Your Activity
Now is not the time to stop taking those daily walks, practicing yoga, or working out at the gym or at home. It’s important to keep moving every day. Make it fun for the entire family by raking leaves together or traveling to nearby farms to find the best pumpkins and apples.

TIP #6

Get Ready for Daylight Savings Time
You can start going to bed a little earlier now in advance of setting your clocks back for Daylight Savings Time which happens on Sunday, November 7, 2021. With less hours of sunlight, you will sleep longer and this can throw off your body’s circadian rhythm.

Importance of Having a Primary Care Provider

There is nothing as important as keeping you and your family healthy and happy. By scheduling appointments with a primary care provider who you trust, they get to know your health history over the years.At Bluestem Health Piedmont Clinic, we pride ourselves on understanding the importance of quality care in family medicine. Our providers – Dr. Andrew Shahan and Reba Cooksley, DNP, APRN-NP, family nurse practitioner – care for family members of all ages.

Our Bluestem Health Piedmont Clinic is accepting new patients. If you are looking for thoughtful, experienced, and easy-to-talk-to primary care providers, call 402-480-7380. Our team of healthcare professionals is ready to care for you at Lincoln’s Piedmont Neighborhood.

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