Q: I’ve been sitting in the waiting room for 15 minutes past my appointment; why does this happen?

A: All of our Providers want their schedules to run on time. The further they get behind, the longer they and their staff have to stay after normal work hours to finish their paperwork and cleaning the rooms. There are various reasons why a Provider may be late. Sometimes, the patient(s) before you took longer because of procedures, an emergency, or the patient had a complex issue that required more attention. Please anticipate your appointment taking 60 minutes from check-in; it may not take that long, but at least you’ll have allowed for that amount of time.  


Q: Why did I lose my appointment because I was late?

A: Patients get upset when their Provider is not on time. Patients who come late push back the entire patient schedule. So, to help the Provider from falling way behind on their schedule, we have the right to reschedule patients who are late for their appointment.


Q: My appointment was given to someone else; why did that happen?

A: Bluestem Health makes every attempt to remind patients of their upcoming appointment. Currently, 1 out of 4 patients does not show up for their appointment. Our EHR allows us to call, text, or email patients a reminder for their appointment. If you are asked to confirm your appointment and do not, we assume that you no longer want that appointment. Please be sure to confirm you appointment when we contact you.


Q: My Provider wouldn’t refill my pain medication; why not?

A: Pain management is the most common reason why patients complain. In recent years, there has been a big push for Providers to prescribe less opiate medications because of the amount of abuse in the system. Providers base their prescriptions for pain management off of many different values. Ultimately, it is their medical license on the line if they over prescribe narcotic medication and a patient has a bad reaction to it. Therefore, each Provider deals with pain management in a way that they feel comfortable with prescribing.  


Q: Why won’t you prescribe me an antibiotic over the phone?

A: Antibiotic treatments are taken seriously because of the resistant forms of diseases out there that are caused from the over utilization of antibiotics. The Provider wants to make sure you have all of the signs and symptoms of a bacterial infection, to which antibiotic prescriptions may be appropriate. Patients with a virus are usually not candidates for antibiotics and the virus must run its course. However, many over-the-counter medications can be used to help treat the symptoms of viral infections.