5 Tips To Stay Healthy This Season From A Family Doctor

Our doctors at Bluestem Health always work to help keep patients healthy during the fall and winter seasons. Here are some tips to stay healthy from our family medicine doctors to focus on this season.

5 Winter Health Tips

Our doctors at Bluestem Health always work to help keep patients healthy during the fall and winter seasons. With many germs around, this isn’t always an easy task for them and you. Here are some tips to stay healthy from our family medicine doctors to focus on this season.

#1 Get Your Flu Shot

At Bluestem Health, our family medicine team knows the importance of staying healthy during the cold season. One great way to help with this is by getting your Flu Shot. The Flu shot is still vital because Influenza is a prevalent virus and common to catch during this time of year. Getting your flu shot can decrease your chances of catching this virus while increasing your ability to fight it. 

A common question during the flu season is, “When should I get my flu shot?” We recommend all Lincoln patients get it as soon as providers offer it, usually in the beginning of September or October.

If you or a loved one have any of the following symptoms, you may have Influenza.

  • Fever* or feeling feverish/chills.
  • Cough.
  • Sore throat
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Muscle or body aches
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue (tiredness)
  • Sometimes vomiting and diarrhea, though this is more common in children than adults

If you are suffering from flu complications, please call to schedule an appointment with your family doctor to receive care and treatment.

#2 Schedule A Dentist Appointment

At Bluestem Health we recommend our patients get in for a dental exam and cleaning twice a year. Getting in this appointment will keep ones immune system at it’s best during this season. Good oral health has been proven to lead to better overall health, by keeping harmful germs out of your body’s system. By scheduling your biannual dentist appointment, our Family Hygienists, and Dentists can keep your oral health on track and make sure there is no harm being done under the surface. Our family dentists have one goal this fall/winter season, and that is to make sure you and your family are in good oral and overall health.

#3 Soak in that Vitamin D

During the winter months, it can be hard to get your body outside, but it is still important if you can. During this season the sun produces a good amount of natural Vitamin D that is beneficial to your overall health. 

This vitamin is crucial for building and maintaining healthy bones. It also is important for regulating cell functions in our body. Its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and neuroprotective properties support immune health, muscle function, and brain cell activity. When we are exposed to natural sunlight, a chemical in the skin creates an active form of this vitamin throughout our bodies. 

If the weather is too cold or you are unable to get outside during these months, there are some other ways you can increase your intake of Vitamin D. Some foods that contain this vitamin include fortified milk, fortified cereal, and fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel and sardines. You can also get multivitamins or Vitamin D supplements if you and your Doctor believe you are not getting enough Vitamin D in your body. The recommended daily amount of Vitamin D is 400 international units for children up to age 12 months, 600 international units for people ages 1 to 70 years, and 800 international units for people over 70 years.

#4 Drink Plenty of Water

To stay in good overall health during any season, you need to make sure you are hydrated. H2O is a human’s best friend. It makes up about 50% – 70% of our body and is a main chemical component of the body. 

During the Cold and Flu season, drinking water is even more important. Staying hydrated helps our blood circulate throughout our body, allowing for our disease-fighting white blood cells to better fight off viruses. Not only will staying hydrated help with fighting diseases, but it keeps energy levels up, Gets rid of waste through urination, perspiration, and bowel movements, keeps your temperature normal, lubricates and cushions joints, and protects sensitive tissues

Most people ask how much water they should be drinking every day. It is important to remember that your body loses water throughout the day from your breath, perspiration, urine, and bowel movements. Because of this loss during the day, we must replenish the H2O in our bodies each day. The recommended daily intake for both men and women is listed below.

  • About 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids a day for men
  • About 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day for women

#5 Snooze

Just like H2O, sleep is just as important to keep your body in good overall health this coming winter. Sleep is crucial to maintaining energy levels, regulating brain function, and producing more infection-fighting antibodies and cells. 

There are different amounts of sleep that are recommended for different age groups to maintain their good overall health. These categories include:

  • Newborn (0–3 months) 14 – 17 hours 
  • Infant (4–12 months) 12 – 16 hours per 24 hours (including naps)
  • Toddler (1–2 years) 11 – 14 hours per 24 hours (including naps)
  • Preschool (3–5 years)  10 – 13 hours per 24 hours (including naps)
  • School Age (6–12 years) 9 – 12 hours per 24 hours
  • Teen (13–18 years) 8 – 10 hours per 24 hours
  • Adult (18–60 years) 7 or more hours per night
  • 61–64 years  7 – 9 hours
  • 65 years and older 7 – 8 hours

If you require more help to stay healthy this fall and winter season, our team at Bluestem Health provides quality family patient care in Lincoln, Nebraska. Call (402) 476-1455 to schedule an appointment. We continue to strive to be the top provider in our community and to serve our patients with the care that they deserve.

For every age, a consistent bedtime routine is important. This will help your children establish healthy sleeping patterns and keep them healthy.

Bluestem Health’s Piedmont Clinic is accepting new patients. Follow these tips to stay healthy this fall and schedule a time to meet with one of our family medicine providers, Andrew Shahan, MD, Jeff Baker, APRN-NP, or Reba Cooksley, DNP, APRN-NP. You can do this by calling 402-480-7380.

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