Phone Calls

Q: I tried to call my doctor to get a refill request and nobody has called me back.

A: All medication refill requests must be requested by the pharmacy. Patients who call the Provider’s nurse for a medication refill are given lower priority than patients who call with more urgent needs.


Q: I called to schedule an appointment but I was not able to get through to someone.

A: In 2017, Bluestem Health went to a dedicated scheduling desk which is manned by two team members. While we cannot guarantee how long you may have to be on hold, our internal phone system audits show that the average hold time is 3 minutes.


Q: I called and left a message for my Provider, but nobody has called me back.

A: Your message did not go to your Provider; it went to the Provider’s nurse. The  nurse must return phone calls when they are not busy rooming and engaging with their patients. We ask that our nurses check their message twice a day, if possible, before lunch and around 3:00pm. Anyone leaving a message after 3:00pm should not expect a call back until the next business day.


Q: I’ve called my doctor’s nurse many times and get no answer.

A: We are currently installing a system to document phone calls that are received by patients, so we can verify patient phone call requests. If you have not received a call back 4 hours after your first phone call, please feel free to call back to the main number and ask to speak with the clinic manager.  


Q: I got lab work done and nobody called me back.

A: For most patients, if the lab work comes back with no issues, they will not receive a phone call back. If lab work comes back and it needs to be addressed by the Provider, the Provider or their nurse will call you back to discuss the lab works and talk about future remedies. Sometimes, it takes 1 or 2 days for the lab company to get results back to us. If the lab company notices an abnormal or dangerous lab, they will call the on-call Provider to notify them and the patient will be notified, if warranted.