We have in-house, full-time interpreters that speak many different languages. It has been said that there are at least 30 different languages spoken in Lincoln with many more dialects of those languages. Bluestem Health has a diverse population and encourages our staff to provide culturally competent services for patients, as much as possible. For languages or services that are not available in-house, we utilize telephone and video conferencing, as well as contracted sign language interpreters as needed.   

Bluestem Health offers interpretation in Spanish, Arabic, Kurdish, Karen, Burmese, Vietnamese, and American Sign Language. Our on-site interpreters are unique in that each staff member establishes a trusted relationship with the patients for whom they interpret. In addition, interpreters provide ongoing support to Bluestem Health’s medical staff and providers to make return phone calls to patients, provide further instructions and/or results, and schedule non-English patients for appointments.