Rebecca, Clinic Manager at Bluestem Health


Rebecca Chandler is the Clinic Manager at the Health 360 clinic, a partnership between Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska and Bluestem Health that provides integrated care at their 23rd and O Street location. It’s her job to make sure the busy clinic runs smoothly each day. She monitors the daily schedule to make sure patients are seen at their scheduled times, makes sure phone calls are returned to patients in a timely manner, and makes sure patients are overall pleased with the care that they are receiving. “My office is centrally located in the clinic so I get to see a lot of interactions between patients and providers or nursing staff,” says Rebecca. “It’s fun to see the relationships that providers and nursing staff have with patients here. The staff here genuinely care about and invest in the patients.”

Caring for patients and caring about patients is a core part of the mission for all of Bluestem Health’s clinic locations. “I love knowing that the work being done at Bluestem Health makes such a difference in our community,” says Rebecca. “I feel so fortunate to be a part of an organization that provides excellent medical, dental, and behavioral health services (plus a whole lot more) to some of our community’s most vulnerable people. I leave work every day knowing that people’s lives are better because of the work that we do here.”

There really isn’t a typical day at the clinic, so it is important for Rebecca to remain flexible. “Each day brings new challenges and rewards,” she says. “Having the ability to keep the chaos that is often happening around you from taking over and controlling you is key.” 

Good communication skills play a key role in her success. “You also have to be able to communicate well with a wide variety of audiences – front desk staff, nursing staff, providers, patients, partners, etc,” she says. 

“Having some solid organization skills and a positive attitude also seems to help,” she says. “I live life by the motto: Leave every person, place, and situation better than you found it,” says Rebecca. “I take that very seriously and try to show kindness to people in all areas of my life.”

In her free time, Rebecca spends a lot of time outside, exploring the trails at state parks and recreation areas nearby. “If I have to be inside,” says Rebecca, “you’ll find me curled up with a good book and a cup of coffee or hot tea depending on the time of day.” She’s also a big fan of live music. “I will hop in my car and drive 6+ hours on a whim to see my favorite bands,” she says.

The Health 360 Clinic, like all Bluestem Health locations, offer medical, behavioral, dental, and support services for the entire community, both insured and uninsured. At Bluestem Health, we believe that every Nebraskan deserves the best care possible.