Bluestem Health Employee Values


Our Employee Values propel us to fulfill our mission to be a trusted resources for excellent medical, dental, and behavioral health services. Each value is a part of our vision to create a healthy, vital community around us. To create a healthier community, we start with ourselves by promising to uphold the employee values of diversity, equality with dignity, acceptance, and quality care. 


Our ‘Diversity’ value means we celebrate diversity in people, in beliefs, and in needs. Bluestem Health serves a diverse patient population by all definitions, from patient race and ethnicities, to languages spoken, to health needs, and even insurance status. We celebrate this range and aim to serve the entire community.

"I have a high amount of respect for diverse populations here and when working with our patients and our staff, I always remember that we have to see things from other people’s perspectives and we have to be able to acknowledge that quite often," says Shane Ludwig, Chief Operations Officer at Bluestem Health. "Patients from different cultures have different beliefs and we have to understand that and respect that; including our own staff."  

‘Equality with Dignity’ means we believe that all people deserve access to excellent healthcare. By developing an understanding for each unique patient and their health needs, we are able to treat the whole patient. We offer medical, dental, and behavioral health services all under one roof so that each patient has access to coordinated care backed by a whole health team of quality healthcare professionals in a top-quality environment. "I want all of our patients to feel proud of the medical home they come to and feel good about how it looks," says Shane Ludwig, COO. "Over the past couple of years, I have worked to improve our facilities with all new paint and new flooring. We have dramatically improved the looks of our facilities and this year, we are replacing all of our patient waiting room chairs and exam room chairs. Our patients have noticed the change and it means a lot to give them a medical home that they can not only feel good about the quality care they receive, but also how clean it is and how good it looks and I believe they deserve that."

We choose ‘Acceptance’ as a value because we will meet each patient with respect and without judgement. Our goal is to provide truly inclusive healthcare through a deep commitment to the health of each member of our community. "I know what it’s like to have less, I also understand that people with less deal with some very difficult trials in their life in addition to their healthcare needs," says Shane. "That always motivates me to help guide and lead our staff to work harder to be more understanding of patients who have behavior issues and helping them through those issues."

‘Quality Care’ is not only central to what we do at Bluestem Health, it is also an employee value that means we will provide the best possible care to each patient at all times. As a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), our providers consistently achieve the highest standards of care for all of our patients, and we provide these services to anyone in our community. 

These employee values help us create a healthy, vital community around us. Bluestem Health is a trusted and dependable resource for excellent medical, dental, and behavioral health services in our community because we uphold these values. At Bluestem Health, we believe that every Nebraskan deserves the best care possible.