Billing & Patient Accounts

Q:  Why am I getting a statement for a payment I already made? 

A: Any payments made may take 2-3 weeks to post to the account. If you make your copayment at the time of service, it is normal to receive one statement while payment is being processed before posting to account. You may not see the payment you have made reflected on the next statement but it will show up once posted. 


Q: Why am I getting billed if I already paid at the time of my office visit?

A: Patients who are on the sliding fee discount program are asked to make their nominal fee payment (currently $30 - $70) at the time of their appointment for the office visit. Any lab work, x-rays, vaccinations, etc. will be charged after the visit is completed, because we don’t know those costs at the time of the visit. Patients will see these charges on their next statement. If you would rather pay for those charges on the day of your visit, please ask the front desk for an estimate of the charges. If the doctor has not completed their charting, charges may not be known until the encounter is closed.  


Q: How much does it cost to be seen as a self-pay patient if I have no insurance and have chosen not to apply or do not qualify for the sliding fee discount program?  

A: Patients should be prepared to pay $100.00 at the time of visit. Any remaining balance for office visit and other applicable charges will be billed on their next statement. If the patient does not have the $100 and has an emergent condition, they will be triaged by a Nurse, and they will be billed for their visit if the condition requires they be seen that day. If the condition is not urgent, the patient may be asked to reschedule their appointment for a later date.    

Q: Why didn’t my sliding fee discount program fee apply to my office visit?

A: Sliding fees discounts expire every 12 months. If your benefits expire, you need to reapply with our Patient Support Specialist. Patients are given 30 days to renew their sliding fee discount program application following their medical appointment or their account will be moved to the “Self-Pay” status. To ensure you are still eligible for the sliding fee discount program, please verify when you make your appointment.